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Toolset: Different Custom Marker in a map based on a custom taxonomy

Solution: Add the following custom shortcode to determine how many terms are assigned to the current post in the loop:

function ts_get_post_tax_term_count_func( $atts ) {
  $a = shortcode_atts( array(
      'postid' => '0',
      'taxonomy' => null ), $atts
  $terms = wp_get_post_terms( $a['postid'], $a['taxonomy']);
  return is_wp_error( $terms ) ? 0 : sizeof($terms);
add_shortcode( 'ts_get_post_tax_term_count', 'ts_get_post_tax_term_count_func');

Go to Toolset > Settings > Frontend content, and register both «has_term» and «ts_get_post_tax_term_count_func» to be used in conditionals and in 3rd party shortcode arguments. Then use the custom shortcode in combination with has_term to display the proper markers:

Multiple types:
[wpv-conditional if="('[ts_get_post_tax_term_count postid='[wpv-post-id]' taxonomy='facebook-type']' gt '1')"][/wpv-conditional]
Only one type - arte-e-intrattenimento:
[wpv-conditional if="('[ts_get_post_tax_term_count postid='[wpv-post-id]' taxonomy='facebook-type']' eq '1') AND (has_term('arte-e-intrattenimento', 'facebook-type', null) eq '1')"][/wpv-conditional]
Only one type - ospitelita:
[wpv-conditional if="('[ts_get_post_tax_term_count postid='[wpv-post-id]' taxonomy='facebook-type']' eq '1') AND (has_term('ospitelita', 'facebook-type', null) eq '1')"][/wpv-conditional]
... copy and paste the block above for each facebook-type...
No types:
[wpv-conditional if="( [ts_get_post_tax_term_count postid='[wpv-post-id]' taxonomy='facebook-type']  eq '0')"][/wpv-conditional]

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Toolset: personalizar filtro de distancia

Q1) style distance filter
You can use CSS codes to style the distance filter field, for example:

  /* here add your custom CSS codes*/

Q2) translate the distance filter
You can change the placeholder text «Show results within… » and «Use my location» text manually by setup the shortcode attributes «inputs_placeholder» and «visitor_location_button_text», for example:

[wpv-control-distance inputs_placeholder="MY OWN Show results within %%DISTANCE%% of %%CENTER%%" visitor_location_button_text="MY OWN Use my location" ...]

Q4) Where can i delete the input fielt of km and mi?
There isn’t such a built-in feature within Toolset maps plugin, but you can hide it with some CSS codes, for example:


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