Toolset: mostrar el rol de usuario en un bucle de una vista de usuarios

Add the following custom shortcode to your functions.php file:

function get_user_role_func( $atts )
  $a = shortcode_atts( array(
      'userid' => ''
  ), $atts );
  $userdata = get_user_by('ID', $a['userid']);
  $user_roles = $userdata->roles;
  $user_role = array_shift($user_roles);
  return $user_role;
add_shortcode( 'get_user_role', 'get_user_role_func' );

Then in your View, use the shortcode in a conditional like this:

[wpv-conditional if="( '[get_user_role userid='[wpv-user field='ID']']' eq 'editor' )"]
I am Editor
[wpv-conditional if="( '[get_user_role userid='[wpv-user field='ID']']' eq 'administrator' )"]
I am Admin

Register «get_user_role» in Toolset > Settings > Frontend Content > Third party shortcode arguments.

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