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<input type="checkbox" id="selecctall_neighborhood" name="selecctall_neighborhood" value="selecctall_neighborhood" class="js-wpv-filter-trigger" [wpv-conditional if=" ('[wpv-search-term param="selecctall_neighborhood"]' eq 'selecctall_neighborhood') "]checked="checked"[/wpv-conditional] />
jQuery( document ).on( 'js_event_wpv_parametric_search_results_updated', function( event, data ) {
    * data.view_unique_id (string) The View unique ID hash
    * data.layout (object) The jQuery object for the View layout wrapper
    $('#selecctall_neighborhood').click(function(event) {  //on click 
        if(this.checked) { // check select status
            $('#check_neighborhood .js-wpv-filter-trigger').each(function() { //loop through each checkbox
                this.checked = true;  //select all checkboxes with class "checkbox_neighborhood"               
            $('#check_neighborhood .js-wpv-filter-trigger').each(function() { //loop through each checkbox
                this.checked = false; //deselect all checkboxes with class "checkbox_neighborhood"                       

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